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Fishing Report July 2019

Weather & Fishing

Before I tell you about the incredible Fishing Report July 2019 here in Nuevo Vallarta, I want to explain the question of the weather here in Nayarit. I get a lot of calls each month asking about what the weather is going to be in the summer months here in Nuevo Vallarta. We are in rainy season during June to the first part of October. We do have some rain for these months. Here in the Nuevo Vallarta we experience rains late afternoon or early evening. During the days the skies are sunny for fishing and other water/beach activities. Before getting the boats ready for our charters in the early morning I’m constantly checking the weather conditions in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. We’ve been in business here for over 30 years and have never had an accident or any weather related problems. We appreciate everyone calling and asking about the weather. read more