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Puerto Vallarta fishing Questions and Answers

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta Questions & Answers




Clients out fishing for tuna. We had a great day catching around 30-40 tuna and mahi – mahi.

Useful Information to know before fishing in Puerto Vallarta:

What should you look for in a deep-sea fishing charter?
Safety first, then crew, boat, and then gear. Be sure to ask how many lines they run at a time and if they have teasers and live and dead bait. Also, ask if they have live wells. You will want to know what kind of rods and reels they use. We provide all gold Penn gear and almost every lure ever made. This is to improve your chances for the big ones. Remember, the last thing you want is a long boat ride when you rented a boat to go deep-sea fishing.

Do they practice catch and release?
This is very important to get an understanding with your Capt. and crew before you leave the dock. Most sailfish and marlin can be released. Make sure your crew knows if you want to have your fish mounted, released or some fish to take home with you.

Can I take my catch home with me? 
Yes. But things have changed since 9-11. Dry ice is not allowed on flights, but you can have the hotel freeze it for you and so that you can take it back home safely. There are also many restaurants here in Vallarta that will prepare a feast for you using your catch. Our crews will clean and package your catch for you free of charge. You will see pictures in the photo section on our main or home page of a lot of fish that our boats have caught. If you don’t wish to take all of the fish you catch and have not had released, we will normally give the fish to people that are less fortunate.

Can I have my fish mounted and sent home?
Of course and we offer this service. We mount more fish than any other company here in Puerto Vallarta. The average cost of a 10′ sailfish is 1500 U.S. for the mount and around 250 U.S. for shipping.

Do we furnish transportation?
Regrettably, we cannot furnish transportation. The reason is that it takes about one hour to prep the boat before you leave the dock and about one and a half hours to put things in order after you have finished your trip. Fortunately, taxis are very reasonable here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.

What kind of tip should I give the crew?
You should not give any tip if the crew did not work hard for you and if they did not try to put you on the fish. Fish don’t always cooperate, but your crew should give their best effort to find and boat them for you. Good job, good tip. The normal tip is around 20 % and always goes to the Capt. He takes care of the rest of the crew.

Should I charter a boat by myself or join a fishing party?
If you charter a boat for you and friends or family, you can tell the Capt. what you want to fish for and how long you want to fish. On the other hand, if you join a fishing party, you will be with 3-5 other people you may never have met, and it will mean that you must fish for whatever the Capt. thinks he can hook up for everyone. Of course, he will do his best, but remember that he has to take into consideration everyone on the boat. You also will have to take turns when the fish strike. The great thing about sharing a boat is that you might get lucky and catch a sailfish or marlin but pay only one-fourth of the cost of renting a private boat.

What should I bring on a charter?
If you charter a boat with us, we furnish beer, sodas, coffee, drinking water, fishing licenses and all gear. If you want to bring your own gear, be sure to speak with the Capt. or owner before you come down to see if you have the right gear for our fishing grounds. If you fish with someone else, be sure to ask what is included in the price of your charter. Most companies include ice, bait, and gear here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. Don’t bring bananas, they are bad luck!

How is the weather and will the seas be rough?
The weather here in the winter is always perfect. 75 deg. and sunny. In the summer we get rains in the late afternoon. The seas are almost always calm here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. I’ve been here for over 35 years and never had to cancel a trip because of the weather.

Are we going to catch fish?
We always do our best to put our clients on the fish. We try to tell folks what we have been catching and sometimes recommend some species to fish for. Our guarantee is that we will do our best to put you on the fish, but remember fishing is fishing. Not catching. Vallarta is one of the best fishing areas anywhere in the world, and our crews are among the best anywhere, but no one can promise that every trip will fill the boat with fish. Your chance here with us is very much greater than anywhere else we know of. We have several tournaments help here in Puerto Vallarta fishing and close by..

Will I get seasick?
We do have people that get seasick, and it most often seems to have something to do with what and how much was drunk the night before. If you think you might get seasick take something before you leave the dock. There are several remedies available at your local pharmacy or at shops here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. Get the one that is right for you.

Do I need advance reservations?
To fish on one of our boats, you will need advance reservations. We suggest that you make your reservation around one to two weeks before you plan to fish. There are always a lot of boats at the dock every day if you want to come down and try your luck. Just remember that there must be some reason they are at the docks and not out fishing.

What is the best time to fish in Puerto Vallarta fishing?
We have our annual sailfish tournament in October and November and this is the best time for sailfish. The best time for Big marlin and tuna is in the summer when the water is a little warmer but we have good fishing year round here in Vallarta.

Will we have a good day?
The most important thing to remember a bad days fishing is a lot better than a good day at the office. If you decide to fish with us we will do our best to make your day memorable one and if you decide to fish with someone else we hope you have a great day as well.

What is the worst way to book a fishing trip?
Booking through a beach salesman, one of the girls at the hotel or some guy on the docks, these folks push the boats that pay the most commission!  BE REALLY CAREFUL WITH TIMESHARE PEOPLE THAT OFFER FISHING TRIPS

If you have a chance to talk to the owner or Capt of the boat, you will get a much better deal

If there is something that I did not cover here, please feel free to send me your request and I’ll do my best to answer any questions that you might have about fish here in Puerto Vallarta.

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