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fishing in puerto vallarta


With its rich Mexican history, this city has grown into one of Mexico’s most popular vacation, fishing, and cultural centers.

You just can’t visit Puerto Vallarta and not see “old town”. This is where it all started years ago, and the tradition continues today.

Shop till you drop in the small stores (tiendas) which line the streets, or dine at one of the stands which can be found all over, or perhaps on “Restaurant Row” which features world famous restaurants with some of the best dining to be found in the city.
Art galleries are on most every street as are other specialty shops for your shopping enjoyment.

Getting around Punta Mita
The bus (autobus) runs about every 2 minutes until you want one, then its 15 minutes between busses and local fare is about $ 13 pesos.
the exchange rate is 1 dollar There are Taxis in abundance. However, there are no meters and the drivers charge a flat fare which is set by the city of Puerto Vallarta. Just be sure and ask how much the fare is before you hire the taxi and make sure they have changed, they sometimes say they don’t have a chance to get a tip from non expecting tourists. If you do this you won’t have any problems at the end of your ride. If in doubt, ask a Transito Police Officer for assistance. That is what they are there for and most speak some English!

  • Something New in Mexico
  • The banks will not exchange us dollars now
  • you will have to go to Casa de Cambio
  • Great sunsets nowhere in Punta Mita
  • Big fishing tournament in La Cruz next Month.

The Beach
Average Temperatures
Dec – Feb Avg. Temp 78? F
Mar – May Avg. Temp 85? F
Jun – Aug Avg. Temp 95? F
Sep – Nov Avg. Temp 90? F

June to October. Daily late afternoon showers. Heavy rain usually at night. Keeps you cool and the trees green. Nothing to spoil your fun!
The weather has changed in Vallarta and soon there will be no more rain for 6 months with an average of 75 deg. come on down and enjoy.
In the summer I check the weather every day (via the internet), in the winter there is no need for there are sunny skies and nice warm weather all winter long.   The weather is perfect in November.