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March 2020 Fishing report coronavirus

Dorado Hooked

March 2020 fishing report/coronavirus latest news here. So far today we have had zero cases of the Coronavirus here in the Mexican Riviera. We are constantly monitoring the latest conditions for the Coronavirus here in Nuevo Vallarta for our family, friends and of course clients that are coming down to fish with us in the coming months. read more

Fishing report November 2019

nuevo vallarta mahi-mahi fishing

Nuevo Vallarta fishing report November 2019. Have another exciting winter season that’s starting off with lots of mahi-mahi. The November action was incredible along with many tournaments where we placed second in the largest tournament here in Puerto Vallarta sailfish division. read more

Fishing report October 2019

nuevo vallarta fishing

Nuevo Vallarta fishing report for October 2019 is a great one. Mahi-mahi, Marlin, tuna and sailfish will be around for The Fall season. Right here in Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit Mexico. We’re ranked number one for pelagic fishing right here in the Pacific from the Nuevo Vallarta. We started the month out by doing some maintenance on some of the boats getting ready for the winter season. Winter season is the high seas in here and we always have plenty of bait and Plenty of Fish. We have a couple of different companies that we work with that supply our fishing bait. They work all night to make sure we have fresh bait in the morning for all our clients. Tough job but at 2 dollars a bait it’s a fisherman’s dream job. read more

August 2017 Fishing Report

fishing in Puerto vallarta

August is here and all the fish decided to come to the party. The sailfish action is at is best. The last few days we caught 20 sailfish and released most of them. Read more on august 2017 fishing report. read more

Fishing report August 2017

The mahi-mahi fishing is in full swing here in Puerto Vallarta. The water temp. is holding around 80 deg. and this means big fish. When you find the blue water and start skipping baits watch out. The are sailfish and marlin just outside the bay here in Puerto Vallarta. Our normal day starts at 7 am and we return around 5 pm. this gives us plenty of time to work the fishing grounds here close to Puerto Vallarta. There has been a lot of floating wood inside the bay and offshore and this means mahi-mahi ( dorados ) action. Check the fishing report for august 2017. read more

Fishing Report August 2018

The summer fishing here in Puerto Vallarta is one of the best times to fish if not the best. Check the fishing report august 2018: For short trips, there are yellowtails, bonita, snapper, Spanish mackerel and much other game fish in the bay. These trips are perfect for those who don’t want to spend all day on the water. The length of these trips would be 6 to 8 hrs. read more