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Nuevo Vallarta fishing report August

Hola from Nuevo Vallarta where the August fishing continues to be amazing. We’re coming up on our summertime fishing here in Mexico.  The fishing is as hot as the weather. My captains have been reporting inshore fishing is incredible. Water temperatures have been cooler than normal, abundant bait and with the COVID-19 there are fewer boats out on the water. This is increasing our fishing hookups and good size fish. If fishing this summer in Mexico in your vacation plans then Nuevo Vallarta is where you need to be.  read more

April 2020 fishing report

Fish fighting

Nuevo Vallarta April 2020 fishing report. The last month of March started off with some incredible fishing catching all kinds of small game in the bay and pelagic offshore. As everyone in the world knows the arrival of this virus made us come to a screeching halt after the coronavirus was discovered in China. This virus has affected all parts of the world and will include Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. We know it’s coming. read more

Spring Break 2020

Nuevo Vallarta spring break in Nuevo Vallarta 2020. This spring break is it going to be a great one here in the Nuevo Vallarta. With so many different options and incredible deals on hotels, restaurants, activities ,sailing ,snorkeling ,whale watching and hanging out at the beach along with great deep sea fishing why would you choose anywhere else to enjoy spring break or Easter. read more

Fishing Report January 2019

The Nuevo Vallarta fishing report here for January 2019 starts off with a big bang just like all the fireworks that we have for New Year’s here. We had an incredible year for 2019 and 2020 started off with even better fishing numbers and beautiful weather. The fishing is as hot as the weather which is around 75 degrees. Fishing forecast is great to incredible. read more

Fishing report October 2019

nuevo vallarta fishing

Nuevo Vallarta fishing report for October 2019 is a great one. Mahi-mahi, Marlin, tuna and sailfish will be around for The Fall season. Right here in Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit Mexico. We’re ranked number one for pelagic fishing right here in the Pacific from the Nuevo Vallarta. We started the month out by doing some maintenance on some of the boats getting ready for the winter season. Winter season is the high seas in here and we always have plenty of bait and Plenty of Fish. We have a couple of different companies that we work with that supply our fishing bait. They work all night to make sure we have fresh bait in the morning for all our clients. Tough job but at 2 dollars a bait it’s a fisherman’s dream job. read more

Fishing Report July 2019

Weather & Fishing

Before I tell you about the incredible Fishing Report July 2019 here in Nuevo Vallarta, I want to explain the question of the weather here in Nayarit. I get a lot of calls each month asking about what the weather is going to be in the summer months here in Nuevo Vallarta. We are in rainy season during June to the first part of October. We do have some rain for these months. Here in the Nuevo Vallarta we experience rains late afternoon or early evening. During the days the skies are sunny for fishing and other water/beach activities. Before getting the boats ready for our charters in the early morning I’m constantly checking the weather conditions in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. We’ve been in business here for over 30 years and have never had an accident or any weather related problems. We appreciate everyone calling and asking about the weather. read more