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Nuevo Vallarta fishing report August

Hola from Nuevo Vallarta where the August fishing continues to be amazing. We’re coming up on our summertime fishing here in Mexico.  The fishing is as hot as the weather. My captains have been reporting inshore fishing is incredible. Water temperatures have been cooler than normal, abundant bait and with the COVID-19 there are fewer boats out on the water. This is increasing our fishing hookups and good size fish. If fishing this summer in Mexico in your vacation plans then Nuevo Vallarta is where you need to be.  read more

Fishing report Spring Break 2019

Nuevo Vallarta fishing report for Spring break 2019 is here and in full swing. The fishing is looking good as the fishermen come here on vacation to Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. We had receiving groups fishing from Canada and the United States. With all these clients we couldn’t have had the spectular month that we did last year for all of our trips fishing here. We had a great month fishing with some nice sailfish, mahi – mahi, all kinds of yellowtails and some striped Marlin/ sailfish. read more

Puerto Vallarta fishing report February

Puerto Vallarta fishing report February incredible. Some things have changed since our last fishing report in January. The fishing is hot in most of the offshore fishing places we fish all through the year. The inshore action it’s still good and catching a lot of the California bonita, yellowtail, Spanish mackerel, dorados and also some other game fish like roosterfish along the South Shore. This kind of fishing action is hard to beat here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. read more

Fishing Report October 2018

Nuevo Vallarta fishing report October 2018. The abundance of sailfish , Marlin, and mahi – mahi have kept us busy fishing here in Nuevo Vallarta for the larger hot marlin this month. The offshore action right now for October is really and getting better. The most consistent bite has been around the Corbetena or Rock  were there has been  nice tuna as well. These trips that we’re doing now offshore are 8 to 10 hours and I’ve had some really great success on all the pelagic fish that were fishing for here in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. The black and blue marlin have been hitting the live bait very well and also some of our black Bart larger lures. The best Vallarta had one on the other day that was almost 700 lb.

Offshore Fishing

We have one of our big annual deep sea fishing tournaments coming up in La Cruz  which is only 10 minutes south of Nuevo Vallarta. There will be a lot of boats available for this tournament and this is one of the best times to fish here in Nuevo Vallarta and the surrounding areas. There should be lots of prizes like automobiles, cash, fishing equipment, boats and many other prizes. If you’re here during October 31st to November 4th this is a great tournament to come and check out or participate in. At this time we have one fishing boat available for this tournament. Send me an email if you’re interested in fishing this international tournament that we have every year.


The inshore fishing is still holding steady as well here in Nuevo Vallarta fishing. The Spanish mackerel bite has been really good over by the river Ameca close to Vidanta Hotel and over on the North Shore Skipjacks, some of the smaller mahi-mahi, Snapper and some other small game has been really good fishing. On the South Side there has been some roosterfish, the yellowtail and other small game all along the shores there. Fishing overall for the month of October here in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico and simply just been off to charts. If you want to come out and have a fun day trip we have several boats that can get you out there and we have larger boats for taking you off shore for some of the big game fishing that is really hot right now.

Come down and enjoy some of those super fishing here in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico will be looking for you out on the water. Give us a call at our toll free number +1-800-430-6048 for latest Puerto Vallarta fishing report or email

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Fishful thinking
Captain Pete and Crews

Fishing report September 2017

The Nuevo Vallarta fishing September 2017 report started with a bunch of nice fish being caught. Mexican Independence Day in Mexico was with some great clients coming to fish for all kinds of pelagic fish. Our groups were mixed, new clients, repeat clients, friends, and families. The family group trips were mostly along the bay fishing for small game like some of the yellowtail, Spanish mackerel, snapper, and roosterfish.

Nuevo Vallarta fishing charters were quite the busy this weekend with fantastic fishing action. We have had some incredible weather to go along with incredible fishing. The high was also around 80 degrees most days and most of the fishing spots had dark blue water. With these really great conditions here in Nuevo Vallarta what are you waiting for?

Inshore Fishing

I have been having a ball on some of the short trips catching all kinds of fish with clients. We fished over by the River finding some huge triple tail which is fantastic eating fish out there to fish for in these waters. These and some of the similar spots we are catching all minds of game fish and some large size Spanish mackerel over on the North Shore by Punta Mita. The fast feeding choras and yellowtail were heating the water up. Some days we caught 15 to 25 fish in a 4 Hour fishing trip which left our clients quite happy. They had all the fish they wanted to take with them and some left over.

Deep sea fishing action

The offshore fishing here in Nuevo Vallarta was also out of this world we did several 8 to 10 hrs. trips on the Northside Punta Mita to all the way to Sayulita. There were several Marlin and great mahi-mahi action caught on these trips. One day where we found a dead whale that had been in the water for many days and there were several sailfish and Marlin all around it. Fishing Nuevo Vallarta was hot for the month of September. We used a lot of pitch baits, lures, and downriggers around the dead whale. The mahi-mahi loves the live bait where they were thick

and very hungry. We quickly switched over to some high-speed lures and we’re getting double Hook-Ups almost every time we passed near the dead whale was floating. And the surrounding areas Punta Mita and Nuevo Vallarta just to name a few where we found Marlin. The fishing in September here in Nuevo Vallarta and inshore fishing is hot and getting better every day. The weather is to die for so come to enjoy some of this incredible fishing with the sunny weather while it lasts. Come back to see what we have to offer here in Nuevo Vallarta fishing.

Captain Pete

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Fishing report August 2017

The mahi-mahi fishing is in full swing here in Puerto Vallarta. The water temp. is holding around 80 deg. and this means big fish. When you find the blue water and start skipping baits watch out. The are sailfish and marlin just outside the bay here in Puerto Vallarta. Our normal day starts at 7 am and we return around 5 pm. this gives us plenty of time to work the fishing grounds here close to Puerto Vallarta. There has been a lot of floating wood inside the bay and offshore and this means mahi-mahi ( dorados ) action. Check the fishing report for august 2017.

We found a large tree about 5 miles offshore yesterday and caught 30 mahi-mahi. On the troll back to the bay landed a nice sailfish as well.

and hold until late march. This means only clear skies and great fishing. We have several boat to choose from one of the best is Dos Amigos spacious 40′ sports fisher completely tricked out for fishing and can accommodate you and your group  in total comfort. Our boats are equipped with top of the line equipment ( Gold Penn), the latest electronics, sonar, radar, 2 radios, all safety equipment, flybridge, large galley with all the extras, bathroom- head, 2 fighting chairs, three live wells, teasers, tuna tubes, down riggers, lures, live/dead bait and 10 lines for trolling. We have gold penn 965 bait casters ( 12 lb line ) to gold penn 80’s two speed reels with ( 80 lb.line ). I also have gold penn fly gear for fishing for the big ones witthe h super light tackle.

We offer charters of 4 hrs for 495 U.S. or 6 hrs for 595 U.S. 8 hrs. for $795 U.S. or 10 hrs. for $950 U.S. or 12 hrs. for $1200 U.S. for the boat, and includes all  bait, tackle, fishing licenses, beer, sodas, ice, fish cleaning service at the end of the day and one of the best crews. The spring months great for big fish such as marlin, tuna, bonita, yellow tail, snapper, sailfish, also a lot of dorado-mahi mahi that time of year. You guys will have plenty of time to catch some fish on a 8 hr to 10 trip. Depending on where the fish are running.
Thank you again for your interest. You can go online to reserve your trip at our secure page.
We only bill you a 100 deposit to hold your reservation. You can can pay the balance on the boat the day you go out with us in U.S. dollars, pesos, or travelers checks.
We also need to know where you will be staying, the name the reservation is under and the day you arrive. You can book your trip at any time, however, obviously, the later you wait the more chance that someone else will have reserved the date you want. I look forward to fishing with yall.

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