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Fishing Report July 2019

Weather & Fishing

Before I tell you about the incredible Fishing Report July 2019 here in Nuevo Vallarta, I want to explain the question of the weather here in Nayarit. I get a lot of calls each month asking about what the weather is going to be in the summer months here in Nuevo Vallarta. We are in rainy season during June to the first part of October. We do have some rain for these months. Here in the Nuevo Vallarta we experience rains late afternoon or early evening. During the days the skies are sunny for fishing and other water/beach activities. Before getting the boats ready for our charters in the early morning I’m constantly checking the weather conditions in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. We’ve been in business here for over 30 years and have never had an accident or any weather related problems. We appreciate everyone calling and asking about the weather.

I enjoy talking to everyone and your calls are welcomed. I just want you to know we’ll be keeping an eye on the weather for you for the summer months for any boating activities or tours you might be doing that day here while on vacation in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Offshore Fishing

nuevo vallarta tuna fishingJuly fishing has started off hot here in Nuevo Vallarta. The offshore action is good as it gets. We’re seeing some nice Marlin along with some 250 lbs. tuna. The summer months is when the bigger Dorado start showing up offshore. In one of my last reports we’re starting to see the trash lines that are created by the light rains and winds in the evening we have here in the summer months. We can fish these lines with live bait catching Dorado and often along with the super fast feeding sailfish that feed on this trash line where two different water temperatures coming together. You can see this when you are out on the water fish here in Nuevo Vallarta.

Bay Fishing

The Bay fishing here in Nuevo Vallarta has been really fantistic for the month of July. Starting to see all kinds of small game feeding on those sardines that have been showing up with this warm weather and warm water. There’s been some of the roosterfish over on the south part of Nuevo Vallarta. I stated in our last fishing report for June that we would be seeing them. The conditions here in July or the inshore fishing have gotten better. We are already starting to see a lots of families or other folks coming down wanting to fish and this is perfect for the Bay. We’ve also had a couple of good days fishing for bottom fishing for snapper and sea bass. These along with other good eating bottom fish. We’ve seen a few large amberjack on the inshore and offshore trips those are always good eating and put up an incredible fight.

The weather conditions remain good with the same winds and seas have been pretty much flat. In the afternoon we have been seen a little more wind but no big waves. Water temperature here in Nuevo Vallarta fishing still holding right around 80° which is perfect for the pelagic fish fat we love catching here in Mexico.

nuevo vallarta fishing

So if you’re looking for some fun, fishing ,snorkeling are just cruising the bay give us a call on our toll-free number 800 430 6048 or shoot us an email We’ll get you out and your family for a fun day.

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