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Fishing Report May 2019

Nuevo Vallarta fishing report May 2019. The fishing in Nuevo Vallarta is hot as a firecracker. Warm waters are moving in and all kinds of baits are following them. This large amount of bait brings in all kinds of fish the good eating red snapper the large California Bonita and the Spanish mackerel still hanging around right here in Nuevo Vallarta. When you see these pelagic fish moving you will see the large game Fish moving in right behind them. This is what’s happening in the month of May. The water is warmed up 77 degrees hanging around 78 degrees and we start seeing sailish, Marlin and mahi -mahi. These fish come in to feed on these large bait balls.

What’s the best way to catch a fish right here in Puerto Vallarta. All the really good captains and good boats use a setup with high-speed lures short with teasers, and some long baits. We also stay on the lookout with pitch baits. These pitch rates are usually goggle eyes and once pitched into a school of sailfish or marlin the action begins. We’ve been also using the same pitch baits for some large schools of striped Marlin. There are few other pictures here in Nuevo Vallarta fishing with the results. This morning we had a double Marlin hook up and the other day we had another triple hook up on striped Marlin. Fabulous fishing in Nuevo Vallarta fishing.

Offshore action

You’re looking for the offshore action there are the Big Tuna and some of the larger black and blue Marlins in May. This is a good time to be here. The El Morro it still seems some good action with the sailfish and a few Marlin. The Rock is still hot and tuna’s are still hanging around. There are black and blue marlin big ones to be taken on a lot of chorras 5 to 10 lb baits. When we live bait with 300 lbs. fluorocarbon leaders and fishing with a 10 lb baits you never know what’s going to get that but you do know it’ll be something really big.

Big Game Fishing

The El Faro and Banco is seen some pretty good action with tuna and fast feeding sailfish along with some bigger than Marlin striped. These are the 12 hour trips and I’ve been very very successful. So if you’re looking for a really good action here in Nuevo Vallarta fishing charters May is the month to be here. So come on down or give us a call on our toll-free number 800 4306049 and we will be more than happy to help you out or answer any questions that you might have. Remember no question is too silly to ask before you come down and book a boat.

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